Katatonia – VoxHall den 10. november – interview

Det lykkedes folkene fra VoxHall at fange trommeslager Daniel Moilanen fra Katatonia til en lille snak forud for koncerten på netop VoxHall den 10. november.
It is in English, but det går sgu nok også 😉

What can the audience expect from the show?
“A mixture of the mopiness in early 90’s british doom metal and the stage presence of late 80’s thrash metal. Drawing from both we’re surely somewhere in between.”

What merch do you bring?
“Don’t know much about the merch situation – not sure if we’re bringing new designs or the same ones we’ve had on the tours for “The Fall Of Hearts”. Bring money though, support the scene.”

Which song do you prefer performing live?
“It’s a tie between many. Songs like “Passer” are from my perspective technically fun to play. Songs like “The Racing Heart” make all the difference in the world with a crowd in the right mood and songs like “Day And Then The Shade’ pushes the band to the edge of heavy rock. That’s why building a setlist is so difficult.”

How have your most recent concerts been?
“Very good. It’s been a while since the last tour so it’s been mainly festival shows which are always a bit special as playing for fans not solely there for Katatonia is both a challenge and a treat. The very last show we did was an anniversary show for “The Great Cold Distance” and that was really fun. A couple of those songs have only been played live on these previous anniversary shows and that’s always very cool.”

How would you describe your bandmates?
“Odd, odder, oddest. And then we occasionally switch roles. If I were to go into specifics I wouldn’t make it in time to the VoxHall show.”

Which live act (band and/or artist) is your favorite – and why?
“That’s a tough one. I mainly only go to shows when friends are playing and they’re all in very good bands so I’m lucky. Recent favorites would be Henke Palm, Gadget, Iron Lamb and of course Agent Fresco, The Great Discord, Caspian. All friends and all very good live acts. I could also say that I never go to bad or boring shows but that’s because I seldom leave home.”

What are your plans for the winter and spring?
“Band plans: Taking it easy, looking towards what the future will bring and what we will bring to it. Personal plans: Same.”

Møl og Sunless Dawn spiller support denne aften.